Healthy & Warm food for Winters

Winters are always upon us. Or sometimes they are not. When the temperature starts falling down, we start craving some foods which keep us warmer inside.

Want to enjoy some Indian foods which are healthy as well as available online?

Are you wondering which Indian food online is really healthy and can be at your kitchen without you needing to be going out?

Here’s a list of healthy Indian foods which you can order from an online grocery store…

1. Ghee

A must-have ingredient of Indian foods you need to stock at home. With its healthy fats properties, Ghee supports your bowel movements in the winter due to its healthy elements. Ghee also acts as your natural moisturiser for the skin.

2. Dry-Fruits

Dry-fruits are now available all seasons. Some dry-fruits like apricot, almonds and dates will keep you warmer inside all the winter. Consume daily to get the energy you require for the daily chores.

3. Whole grains

Most of the Indian foods are meant to consume in whole grains. Just like Indian roti and rice are healthy if they are prepared with whole wheat, unpolished rice, you can prefer whole grains all winter to increase your daily fibre intake.

4. Jaggery

Commonly known as Gud in India, Jaggery has medicinal properties that help you improve the digestive system in winter. In many parts of India, Jaggery is consumed most times of the winter to keep the body warmer.

5. Soups

Indians love soups and they prefer them unfiltered for the fibre intake. Soups will make your evenings calmer and warmer in the chilled winters. You can prepare soups with vegetables and Indian spices like cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and bay leaves.

6. Saffron

While enjoying the winters, it will be good for anyone to have warm milk with Saffron and Turmeric which have both the health and beauty properties.